chelsea west stand lower

Ok, so the chelsea website has taken off the seating plan, . I'm in seat 99 and row 13 lower shed are theses seats good?? ast time I went  West Stand Lower. View from the West Stand Upper at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC. Sorry about my dad:). Use our 3D Seating Plan to see the view from the stands & hospitality suites at Stamford Bridge. Select a section to explore the space & take a virtual tour. chelsea west stand lower


Chelsea vs Manchester City Vlog (With goals from East stand lower) I usually sit in MHL so know A is the front row and GG is the back, and around is the middle. Sign in with Twitter. It's small and not to old,but it generates great atmosphere! Sign In Sign Up. Not as loud or crazy as the Lower part of the stand but better views and still great Noise! I sit in the MHL when I dw game info to games and it's effing brilliant. Apologies, it was a new membership.